Abandoned,Stray Cattle ,Risk Of Causing Accident At Chowni.

Aurangabad: Abandoned ,Stray Cows are disrupting traffic on road of chowni , These cow don’t have any owner ,they are set free by people in name of god ,or any there wishes come true ,they are feed by locals peoples . The main road of chowni opposite to state bank of india is there point .The road in morning is busy by buses of more than 30 schools, cow sit on main middle road Causing disrupting Traffic .The two wheeler, three wheeler , school buses all are disrupted by these cows .The cow from ripping open garbage plastic bags and strewing garbage all over the filling road with dung. These cows can consume large volume of plastic while forage through garbage which could lead to their death. CBA has done nothing concerning these cows. Even cow protection groups don’t care about this cows.

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