Maine Line Water Connection At Nandanvan Colony.

Aurangabad: The nandanvan colony resident received one time water in every five days ,but the in the main line there are many connections .who received water at time of amit nagar ,supply time, at time of supply of Sangeeta colony ,at time of padagoan ,there is single main line through which supply take place .Those resident near plot no 28 nandanvan colony , main pipe line has taken connection through main line now a construction of new road (kargil hostel ) is going on thoroughly MLA pradeep Jaiswal find there also many residents have put there connection through main pipeline ,they will receive the water 3 to 4 time in 5 days. The residents who received water every 5th day has appeal AMC Commissioner Astik kumar Pandey to cut the connection through main line.

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